So here we have it. The definitive breakdown of Liverpool's top places for young people looking to party on a budget.


The nightlife is what makes Liverpool such an attractive and vibrant destination for prospective students, so without further ado let's see what our third year Journalism students, all experienced in this area, thought of Liverpool's venues for a night out.



This is the destination most students, particularly at Hardman Street's neck of the woods, seem to round off their evening, a new survey amongst JMU Journalism has revealed. An affordable venue with the right blend of live bands, electro and indie appeals to students interested in all genres of music. The setting is one of comfort, with a relaxing lounge area, with a segregated dance floor and is guaranteed to be busy from Tuesday through to Saturday for enough ambience to keep the punters coming back next week.


2) Baa Bar

With the very recent opening of Baa Bar's new sister venue, Baa Bar on Mertyl Street, Baa Bar is back in the spotlight as the snazziest  most affordable drinking hole in town whilst playing a range of music for all.


3) Heebie Jeebies

The main attraction to this venue is without doubt the playlist. The music genre is by and large a 60's soundtrack which surprisingly enough appeals to a vast amount of Liverpool's 18-25's age group. Evenings in the week, this venue is the perfect setting for relaxing with your student mates as it is usually busy with different settings to suit your mood. With its open-top smoking area in the centre of the building it's difficult to become separated despite the crowds. Boogie on down to Heebie's for a great student night.


4) Krazy House

Does what it says on the tin - it's named a 'Krazy' house for a reason. On the other hand it's several different clubs in one massive warehouse. One Krazy-goer says that the fact that there are 'krazy' little quirks such as a pool table in a club is what makes Krazy House so different. In one exhausting nutshell, don't wear your best shoes.


5) Medication

Open on a Wednesday night and you will need a student ID card of some sort to get in. There is a £5 charge on the door, sometimes less if you arrive before 11pm. Usually absolutely packed  with several different rooms with the "cheese" music room attracting most attention. Medication also host themed costume nights. A big student night in the city.


6) Revolution

The atmosphere is notably one of this venue's assets with music most students enjoy. Drinks are affordable.


7) The Pilgrim

This is a student's dream of a pub. Tucked away on a cobbled street, Journalism students discovered it and keep going back for the thrill of cheap beverages, a social setting and of course, a juke box. As our friends at Carlsberg would say: "If Carlsberg made pubs..." they would have built The Pilgrim. An excellent destination for a quiet drink as well as an ideal start location for the night ahead.


8) Scream/ Hope & Anchor

What a great place. On the surface of the joint - and I say this with love - it's a bit of a dive, and the draught beers aren't that great. However, many students agree that they have some of their best memories of nights out (what they remember of them) are in this very bar. There's pool for the lads and comfy sofas for the ladies as well as the famous, "Pound a Pint" night or "Quids In" on a Thursday and that all-important juke box. Wednesday night karaoke is usually a hit for the local students and is host to a projector for showing sports on match days.


9) ZOO

For the R 'n' B and hip-hop lovers among you ZOO is the venue for you. A reportedly good selection of old and new tracks as well as being packed at the weekends.


10) Hannah's Bar

A great general bar. Very classy and sophisticated with live bands and cocktails. A nice place to sit and relax without getting stuck to the seats like so many other bars in city centres. Open Mic night is excellent. This is reportedly the place where bands like The Wombats gigged for the first time.

Top 10 Nights out for students in Liverpool

By Liz Hewitt

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