1) Golfers

This has to be the classic student costume to compliment the infamous game of pub golf. Long socks, tank tops and visors are all optional extras for this messy game. Ask anyone who has ever been to university and they will no doubt have dressed up as a golfer at least once.


2) School disco

This is another classic and easily put together outfit. Pig tails and freckles complete the look for girls, whilst guys wear their ties round their heads. It is ironic to think that we spend so long waiting to leave school, that when we do, we dress like we’re still there! Only this time it’s in bars, not a classroom...


3) Togas

Bed sheets anyone? A Cheap and effective outfit that works well on a night out. It can also be customised with jewellery, belts and broaches to add individuality.


4) Mimes

Striking outfit that can be thrown together by both sexes at a low cost. Simple face paint, a black and white stripy top and white gloves are all you need to start looking the part. Try pretending to be stuck in a box or pull an invisible rope and you’re laughing.


5) New rave

This costume just needs a bit of creativity. If you have bright, preferably fluorescent clothes and can lay your hands on a few glow sticks then you’re sorted. It is great in a club with UV lights and the sky’s the limit with how crazy you make your outfit!


6) Letters

A good theme is to give party goers a letter to then make a costume beginning with that letter. For example if you are given ‘P’ you could dress as a penguin, a pig, Prince or maybe a post box. Working out other costumes is an instant conversation starter.


7) Cross dressing

This is mainly a male orientated fancy dress option. For some reason, groups of lads enjoy wearing dresses, skirts, make up, and other feminine items. So, this one is for them.


8) Smurfs

This is a particularly difficult outfit to pull off without making everything in your flat blue, but non-the-less, it’s effective. Your whole body must be blue, then a white pointy hat and white shorts will ensure you can party like only Pappa Smurf can.


9) Emergency services

Doctors, nurses, firemen, police, they all come under this category. It is usually a theme that takes a bit of time to organise because of the difficulty of the costumes, but can be effective and fun if pulled off correctly. This may be a bit over the student budget though.


10) Devils and angels

Accessories for these outfits can be found at all good fancy dress shops, and even in supermarkets. If you can’t think of any other outfit for Halloween, this will usually do, but because it has been tainted somewhat by the sex industry (you can buy outfits in Anne Summers) it doesn’t seem to have the same fun appeal.


Top 10 Student fancy dress

By Louisa Collington

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Pub golfers and mimes: just two of the many outfits that students wear on nights out.

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