Morrissey has disappointed fans again with the

announcement that the Echo Arena concert he

abandoned last week will not be rescheduled.


The singer will not return to Liverpool to finish his show which was interrupted when he was struck on the head by a plastic container of beer.


Organisers had tried to re-arrange the show but have been unable to do so, instead offering a full refund to ticket-holders. A statement said: "The event organisers have been unable to reschedule the Morrissey concert. As previously notified, refunds will be available to all customers who purchased tickets from authorised outlets."


The former Smiths frontman shocked fans when he simply said "Goodbye" and stormed off stage halfway through his second song, Black Cloud, after he was hit by a bottle thrown by a member of the audience.


One fan at the show from Manchester, Guy Burke, said: "It sort of glanced off the side of his head and beer spilt out, then he just walked off."


Despite chants from the crowd for Morrissey to return, 20 minutes after the concert was interrupted a crew member announced: "Morrissey has been hit on the head with a plastic bottle. The show will not continue."


Mr Burke, a huge follower of the singer, added: "We're disappointed with Morrissey, without a doubt. He's got an ego and he's hurt, but one idiot has thrown a plastic bottle and he's letting about 8,000 people down."


Guy's wife, Maggs, said: "It was like a wake after the show. Everybody was just standing around thinking 'what shall we do, where shall we go?'...  people were more upset than they were angry."


Morrissey's current tour has been plagued by problems. Earlier in the year he was forced to cancel and re-arrange several performances due to illness. Then he collapsed at a show in Swindon and was taken to hospital.


The 50-year-old, who recently released his latest album 'Swords', is also famed for walking off when performing including on several occasions due to his commitment to being a vegetarian.


A spokesman for the venue said: "We are reviewing CCTV evidence to ascertain exactly what happened. We have a strict policy of no glasses being allowed in the arena and we also decant all drink from bottles into plastic glasses at events of this kind."


Matthew Houghton, a student from Birkenhead, said: "I, like everyone else, was absolutely devastated. It was sure to be a brilliant night and he looked on top form. I just hope this doesn't deter him from coming back to Liverpool in the future."


This announcement suggests that Morrissey may not play in Liverpool again which will disappoint the 7,000 fans who were in attendance at the concert, having paid around £35 for a ticket.




No new show after Morrissey's gig walk-off

By Chris Shaw

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 YouTube: footage of drink hitting Morrissey; Pic: Morrissey in concert (official website)


Hugh O' Connell reports