Joe Anderson: Labour politician and current Leader of the City Council

Currently the favourite to take the position, Joe Anderson campaigned for Liverpool to become the first city outside of London to have a mayoral system, and then won a hard fought battle with the Liberal Democrats to go straight to a vote rather than a public referendum.

Richard Kemp: Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrats in Liverpool
Despite strongly opposing the mayoral system, Councillor Richard Kemp has come forward as a candidate to lead the Lib Dems campaign, amid suggestions that if the party got into power they could abolish the mayoral system and revert to the council's current format.

Tony Caldeira: Leader of the Liverpool Conservative Party
A successful businessman as well as local politician, Tony Caldeira has already said that he would like to lead the Conservative campaign, although due to their lack of local support they may focus their campaign behind a high-profile independent candidate.

John Coyne: Confirmed Green Party candidate
Liverpool's first ever Green Party councillor, who won his position in St Michael's ward in 2004, confirmed he would be taking part in the elections at the Liverpool Green Party conference on 24th February.

Herbert Howe: Celebrity hairdresser and local personality
The flamboyant celebrity stylist and star of the TV series ‘Shampoo’put his name forward quickly after the news of the mayoral vote, saying that he would run as an independent candidate and not take a salary if he won the election.

Liam Fogarty: Former BBC Journalist
A BBC Liverpool reporter for over 20 years and fierce pro-mayor supporter, Liam Fogarty has made his ambition clear to run for mayor, stating to his campaign group 'A Mayor For Liverpool' that he would “love” to take the job.

Ricky Tomlinson: Nationally acclaimed actor and TV star
The Royle Family star has a history of political involvement in the region and considered running to be an MP in the last general election. Despite no word on his part about the mayoral race as of yet, if he chose to run he may well be a people’s favourite.

Phil Redmond: Creator of popular soaps ‘Brookside’ and 'Hollyoaks'
The media mogul has been outspoken about his views on the decision to have an elected mayor, and also about what he would do if he was in the position. He is, however, yet to make a definitive statement on whether or not he will participate in the election.

Joe Anderson
Richard Kemp
Tony Caldeira
John Coyne
Herbert Howe
Liam Fogarty
Ricky Tomlinson
Phil Redmond


  1. electoral roll* I can't see any of these celebrities making much of an impact on the election. Anderson is the clear leader in this race. I wonder if Richard Kemp would be so willing to scrap the mayoral system if he wins, and if it would be a good idea after a turnout that is likely to be fairly decent - by 21st century standards, at least.

    (Posted on 2012-03-20 18:48:00 by James Routledge)