A small number of demonstrators took to the streets of Liverpool in a peaceful march organised by the collective known as ‘Anonymous’, a group most famous for their online hacking activity.


Demonstrators were protesting against the British government’s detention of political prisoners. Representatives from Anonymous, Gaughan/Stagg Cumann, the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association and the Liverpool Irish Patriots Republican Flute Band all participated in the peaceful march.


The numbers were expected to be higher, however, the attendance was closer to 50. Despite the low turnout, the demonstration continued, with the Republican Flute Band playing as they marched through the city in the rain.


Several of those involved wore scarves and hoods to protect their identities, shying away from curious members of the public who took out their cameras. One man wore a Guy Fawkes mask and face paint, as seen in the film ‘V for Vendetta’, which is the recognisable emblem of Anonymous.


Leading the way, two men marched holding a banner showing the faces of two IRA hunger strikers who died in English prisons in the 1970s, Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg.


Crowds of police and passers-by gathered outside St George’s Hall, where the march commenced around 3pm on Saturday 8th October.


The march got underway peacefully, supervised by police, and continued along Lime Street into the city centre, drawing attention from passing shoppers. The march concluded in Toxteth later in the afternoon.



'Anonymous' march takes place in town

By Jessica Galley, Digital Content Editor

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YouTube: Footage of the protest; demonstrators marched against the detention of political prisoners