Tourism in Liverpool will help produce 55,000 jobs and generate £4.8bn for the local economy, according to The Merseyside Partnership (TMP).


TMP believes that through good marketing and advertisement, Liverpool can stay ahead of the game and become a leading example for other cities to follow.


David Andrews, TMP's Director of visitor economy, spoke to JMU Journalism, saying: "Tourism has an impact in many sections of the local economy.


"We're very involved with trying to source local produce along

with jobs. Those that are created have a direct impact across

the whole of the liverpool city region."


Liverpool relies heavily on tourism to support the local

economy in terms of jobs for the local area and money to help

support projects designed to draw in the punters. Between

2009 and 2010, visitors to tourist attractions increased to over

4 million between 2009 and 2010.


With the city suffering huge budget cuts to local services and

job prospects proving difficult for many Liverpudlians the

tourism industry may offer opportunities.


The partnership predicts that by 2012, the tourism industry will have generated £3.2bn, up from a value of £2.8 in 2009.


Andrews continued: "Growth in tough economic times is important to people, the visitor economy has been acknowledged as one of the key areas for the Liverpool economy.


"It reinforces the fact we need to maintain momentum to outsmart both competition and the tough economic situation."


Councillor Anna Rothery, chair for the council's tourism select committee told JMU Journalism: “Tourism is one of Liverpool’s key success stories.


"Building on its fabulous built heritage and world-famous connections with the Beatles and football, the city has repositioned itself in recent years as a cultural destination to rival anything in Europe or even the world. Business has responded to this message and there has been significant investment in hotels and attractions."


Liverpool will now look to the future, with new tourist atractions appearing year on year. The most recent addtion to the cities top destinations includes the new museum of Liverpool, opening in 2011. It's designed to showcase the best of Liverpool life from down through the years.





Tourism set to take Liverpool into future

By Ayden Feeney

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Events such as the Matthew Street festival and the new Museum of Liverpool will play a large role

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