Fundraising efforts in Liverpool continue one month on from the devastating earthquake that shattered Haiti.


Islamic Relief, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), have been the latest charity to organize a fundraiser in Liverpool, raising £45,000 for victims of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti and left hundreds of thousands in desperate need of aid.


Hosted by BBC Merseyside Radio presenter Roger Phillips, the three course meal presented attendees with first-hand accounts of aid workers who have been delivering aid recently.


Moadh Kheriji, an Islamic Relief Aid Worker who has just returned to England after spending two weeks with the Emergency Response team in Haiti, said: “We really are in a race against time to provide the people of Haiti with food, water and shelter."


The money raised will go towards securing more than 120 tents, which will provide shelter, privacy and dignity to the families who will live in them.


The Imam, or prayer-leader, said: “It was fantastic to see Liverpool come together to help those less fortunate than us.”


Islamic Relief is an international relief and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world's poorest people. It is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 1984 by Dr Hany El Banna.


Other successful fundraisers in Merseyside recently have included live performances and generous donations.


Earlier this month a variety of performers, including Mark Morris from the Bluetones, Nigel Clarke from Dodgy and Ian Prowse from Liverpool band Amsterdam, put on a show at The Cavern Club.


The Oxfam shop on Bold Street received an anonymous donation of records among which was a Beatles rarity, the famous ‘Please Please Me’ LP, which was auctioned off for £1,300.


Upcoming fundraising events for Haiti in Liverpool include a night of live music at Leaf Tea Shop and Bar on Thursday March 18th and another gig night on Valentines at Zanzibar.

Fundraiser gathers £45k for victims of quake

By Sam Rogers, Website Editor

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The 7.0 quake left 1.5m homeless (Picture courtesy of Flickr); YouTube aid workers setting up tents