Shoppers’ eyes weren’t just admiring the gorgeous creations and designs and drinking the free cocktails on the opening night of Kirsty Doyle’s latest shop, but instead focused on model of the moment and JMU journalism student: Rona Kirwan. She talks exclusively to JMU Journalism.


“I just got a text off my friend Niamh asking if I could be in Liverpool the next day whilst I was at home in Manchester asking if I could do a photo shoot and be filmed” says the unsuspecting model.


“On the day I tried on all the different clothes from Kirsty’s clothing line and modelled them while getting filmed. I was scared modelling all the expensive clothes in case I got my dark lipstick on them. Especially because one of the most expensive items, a £645 coat was white and fluffy but it was fun! My favourite thing was a black dress with leather details (Verushka dress, £525) as I really like leather. It was beautiful!”


The 19-year-old, originally from Manchester, has always had an interest in fashion but having never modelled before says: “It was quite difficult modelling in front of people I didn’t know such as the director Jess Doyle and the stylist Carys Ball because I’d never done it before. They were really helpful though and told me exactly what to do.”


The short “mood movie” was showcased on the night of Kirsty Doyle’s new shop launch to a select number of guests. Guests were given free bespoke cocktails and Kirsty herself chatted with everyone asking their favourite designs and pieces.


“It was really good seeing the video for the first time at the launch but weird seeing my face so big on the wall and the fact that everyone stopped to watch me!” said an excited Rona. “It felt really exclusive to see the shop before anyone else and the cocktails were really good too.”


The Kirsty Doyle shop is now open at Manestys Lane in Liverpool ONE. The mood movie will be available online soon at

JMU student is new face of Kirsty Doyle

By Niamh Spence, Fashion Reporter & Erin McLoughlin

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Picture: Niamh Spence speaks to Kirsty Doyle and Rona Kirwan; Rona Kirwan, JMU Jounalism student

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