Although better known around the world as a football superstar, David Beckham has long been considered a fashion icon too.


From regularly changing hairstyles to wearing a sarong, the England midfielder has never been scared to take a chance.


Indeed Beckham has now become a trendsetter, a model for modern men to follow. He has been labelled “the biggest metrosexual in Britain” by Mark Simpson, the man who coined the term.


Beckham seems comfortable wearing anything and is clearly open to different ideas. He has often being ridiculed for his maverick styles, including famously when he went out wearing a sarong, but increasingly he is earning respect from fashion circles.


The footballer has even tried his hand at designing clothes, recently launching his own line of Adidas sportswear in Milan.


In style terms, perhaps Beckham is best known for the numerous different hairstyles he has chosen. His original curtains style has been replaced and changed many times throughout his career, often to unusual effect.


He has grown his hair long, and worn a ponytail, he has cut it very short, he has sported a Mohican, and even bleached his hair blonde. Always stylish, occasionally shocking, nevertheless many men copy his style.


Beckham also has a keen interest in tattoos and has the names of his three sons, and his wife Victoria, written on his body. He also has a cross etched on his neck and back, as well as many others.


He has even released his own set of fragrances alongside his wife, Victoria Beckham, and has modelled for Police sunglasses and Armani underwear.


Men's style icon: David Beckham

By Chris Shaw, Website Editor

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Beckham's bravery and different styles has made him a fashion icon for many men around the world

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The changing hairstyles of David Beckham