The fashion industry is conventionally obsessed with the young and the beautiful, but model Daphne Selfe and rare bird Iris Apfel are proving that great style is timeless.


81-year-old Daphne Selfe and 88-year-old fashion muse Iris Apfel provide a much needed breath of fresh air in the ever youthful industry.


Daphne, who became a model over 60 years ago, still rubs shoulders with the fashion elite as she modelling for fashion royalty Dolce & Gabbana, has appeared in Vogue and Marie Claire and been photographed by the likes of Mario Testino, Nick Knight, and David Bailey.


Discovered when she was working in the fashion department of John Lewis in Reading in the 1950’s, Ms. Selfe modelled on a regular basis, but it was the greying of her hair which occurred as she aged that improved her career.  Daphne states: "My hair is my fortune, it made me more striking,"


Making the most of what many women cover with dye, plastic surgery, or control pants, Daphne embraced the changes of life and has aged gracefully, keeping close the svelte statistics of her 1950’s figure, bust 36, waist 24 and hips 37.


Similarly, Iris Apfel has fashionistas talking as she has become the latest fashion muse to emerge from the New York scene.  She is no model with an eating disorder, no daughter of a rockstar, but a self confessed 'geriatric starlet' whose vast collection of clothes propelled her to notoriety in the style scene five years ago.


Fashion for the 88-year-old has always been something to have fun with. Her genuine love for clothes and flair for putting outfits together are apparent. Iris began matching up designer dresses with finds from thrift shops and flea markets long before this became acceptable in the world of fashion.


Her style tells a story of exploring foreign bazaars and raiding houses of haute couture. Iris truly is a world class shopper.


She believes that life is a matter of working with what you've got:  "Living, loving, everything else is a matter of the same principles: you learn to work with what you have. And there's nobody today who can't do something to help herself."






Youth is wasted on the young

By Ciara Mc Crory and Alice-May Purkiss, Fashion Editor

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