Editors front-man Tom Smith took time out from tour preparation to talk to JMU Journalism this week about playing to a seated crowd at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall and how these days, he hides the small part of him that expects album success.


The Birmingham band, whose singles include ‘Lights’ and ‘Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors’, are set to appear at the grand home of Liverpool’s Philharmonic Orchestra at the end of the month, the only all-seated venue on a tour that spans the whole of the UK and a considerable part of Europe.  


Tom said: “It’s not going to be a problem; I think if anywhere Liverpool can overcome the problems that seating gigs can have - the crowds are pretty special there so I’m really looking forward to it.”


The singer, who in 2008 had his first child with girlfriend, Radio One's Edith Bowman, admits the band have never had the chance to explore the former capital of culture and is only familiar with the city’s O2 Academy.


“On tour, it always works out that you get a day off somewhere, it seems

like I’ve had a million days off in Glasgow but never had a day off in Liver-



“When we were really young, I mean really, really young, the band stayed

in a hotel by The Beatles museum down by the water... it was one of the

first things we ever did as a band.”


Last year JMU Journalism brought you the Ukulele Orchestra of Great

Britain from the Philharmonic, a band more familiar with seated

crowds... so how does a band with the tendency to make people do

the opposite of sitting, plan to tackle the dilemma that row upon row of

cushioned seats provide?


“Me trying to get the audience on their feet would just be embarrassing,”

laughs Tom, “so I’m hoping they’re going to be able to do that on their

own.  I’m so bad at communicating verbally...  especially when I’m on

stage and trying to talk in between songs.  I tend to mumble my words

so the communication gets lost somewhere.


After ‘The Back Room’ reached number two in the charts, follow ups; ‘An End Has a Start’ and ‘In This Light and on This Evening’ have both been number one, despite the latest offering being the most challenging and least radio-friendly.


“I don’t really let that go through my head,” said the Editors’ front man.  “Maybe there’s a small part of me that I try to keep quiet... the ego in me.  You have to be confident in your ability, so three albums in and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved.”


With the Philharmonic show completely sold out, it seems Liverpool is willing to ignore the arm rests and redundant intermission ice cream vendors to see a band they still love.


Editors: Liverpool won't be sitting down

By Sean Fell, Music Editor

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Editors head to Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall on 27 March; YouTube: The band at Glastonbury in 2007

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Tom is excited about playing at the Philharmonic Hall (Pic: Christoph on Flickr)

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