When John Lennon was shot dead outside

his New York City home, 8 December 1980,

many accepted the Beatle was gone.  One

man in Liverpool though, is keeping him

alive on the stage where he made his name.


Marcus Cahill’s Imagine the Tribute act has received glowing reviews from all over the world for his uncanny vocals and appearance.  But the tribute to the working class hero doesn’t even try that hard when it comes to bringing Lennon back to life.


Cahill explained:  “I switch me off a little bit, but for most part it is just me, which is weird  because people think I’m doing the Lennon things on purpose, and I’m really not.  Infact, I’ve found the less I try, the more Lennon people see in me... which is really weird."


John Lennon was shot dead outside of the Dakota Building on 72nd Street, Central Park West, by Mark David Chapman.  Reports suggested the shooting was over the signing of an autograph.  The tribute is playing at the Cavern to mark Lennon’s 70th birthday, and

the 30th anniversary of his death.


The tribute act plays all the hits in chronological order and

has taken his much praised act all over the world to fans

who can’t help but feel they are in the presence of the real

Lennon... even if it’s hidden somewhere deep within

Marcus Cahill.


The Beatles made their name at The Cavern, playing 292

times in two years, and whilst the modern-day Cavern is a

mere reconstruction, Cahill still feels at home in ‘the most

famous club in the world’.


“I don’t do the wigs,” Cahill stated, “that side of things goes

very much against the grain for me.  I don’t mess around

with songs like changing the key - I like to keep everything

as pure and natural as possible.  It’s not like I used to stand

in front of the mirror all day trying to look like him... how I

dress just feels right, y’know?


“I loved the guy for everything he ever did.  If he pulled a face or a little move, I always just thought it was so cool and that leaves a big impression on a kid.”


Listen to the extended interview with the closest thing we’ll ever get to Lennon, plus The Cavern explaining the pressures of remembering Lennon in the right way, and how the people of Liverpool view the former Beatle.



Legend of Lennon lives on in The Cavern

By Sean Fell

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