Liverpool comic legend Ricky Tomlinson brought a bit of early Christmas cheer to the streets of Liverpool this week as he filmed the music video for his Christmas song ‘Calm Down’.


The Royle Family star entertained the crowd before filming by asking everyone to shout ‘my a***’ on the count of three, as he said: “I need you to make me feel at ease guys.”


Ricky was acting like a true professional as he brought with him his very own band, aptly called ‘The Calmettes’ as well as two female Santa dancers, some colourful elves and a snow machine. All the filming was been done by local Liverpool production company Red Hot Media.


The 70-year-old actor came out dressed as Santa and positioned himself upon his sleigh, which was outside Liverpool footballer Jamie Carraghers’ bar Cafe Sports Express. Ricky had invited the people of Liverpool to come out and support his song, enticing them with the opportunity to appear in his video.


Ricky has high hopes for the song, which he believes is strong enough to make it all the way to Christmas number one, beating of competition from the likes of the X Factor winner, George Michael and Robbie Williams: “We’re taking this record to the top, we will show that Noddy Holder”, shouted Ricky.


The actor continued: “I turned 70 this year and someone asked me, is there still anything you want to do with your life and I said yeah I want a Christmas number 1, why not.” Ricky is aiming to be the oldest ever UK Xmas chart-topper in history with his song which he has wrote with his friends Patrick Ahern (brother of Royle Family writer Caroline Ahern) and Maurice Cheetham, who found brief music fame with the Crazy Frog song.


“I came up with the idea for this song because I love Harry Enfield and his ‘Calm Down, Calm Down’ characters. It’s about taking the mickey out of ourselves, because we can laugh at ourselves in Liverpool.”

Ricky is not unfamiliar to chart success as in 2001 he had a number 15 hit with his song ‘Are You Looking at Me? This time, however, you feel he could go all the way to the top.


A catchy, sing-a-long party tune with an infectious chorus, ‘Calm Down’ is available to buy on 7th December with everyone from Liverpool encouraged to go out and purchase it to help Ricky achieve his dream of a Xmas number one.


Ricky video brings Christmas to town

By Paul Meehan & Mike Davies, JMU Journalism TV

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Ricky Tomlinson during his music video shoot (pic: Brandon Cross); YouTube: JMU Journalism TV reports

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