No-one had a crazier, more dramatic rollercoaster ride on

X Factor 2009 than John and Edward Grimes. The

18-year-old identical twins from Dublin caused a storm of

controversy on the show, initially suffering cruel boos from

X Factor fans who felt they didn't deserve their place in

ITV’s must-see singing contest.


However, with brave determination and a string of memorable performances, ‘Jedward’ emerged as the show’s true stars without even reaching the final, eclipsing the fame of the eventual winner, Joe McElderry.


After getting to number two with their first single, Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), featuring Vanilla Ice, the fun-loving boys kicked off the X Factor Live UK Tour at the Echo Arena this week, and for some screaming fans they were the highlight of the evening. As they waited for showtime on the second night, we caught up with John and Edward at Liverpool’s Malmaison Hotel for this exclusive interview:


JMU Journalism: Congratulations on your single, and reaching number 2 in the charts...

John & Edward: I know, its craaazy; it all went really really fast, with the video and everything. It came out on download and then there was a really good response from the performance at the NTA’s [National Television Awards]. So the download came out before the single and the video came out after the single. It got to number two just from downloads; the physical release only comes out today.


JMU: You received a better reception than Joe [McElderry] did at the NTA’s...

J&E: I know, it was so fun. We had Vanilla Ice there, who’s an amazing guy. We were talking to him yesterday; we’re in all these amazing situations we never thought we’d be in. And now we’re performing at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, which is absolutely crazy. I remember the last time we came to Liverpool... it was an amazing show, one of those PA personal appearances [at Liverpool Guild of Students], and we performed six songs. We loved it... it was the coolest show ever, the crowd was like crazy. It’s just one of the shows you remember. All the fans we met there we met again at the concert last night. They are all waiting outside the hotel. The first time when you meet them you learn their name and the second time you learn something about them.


JMU: Are there any songs you would really like to sing when

you record an album?

J&E: We need to get a really cool sound and a rebellious song...

a song that no one has heard before. It has to be a really fun

album because a fun album means a really fun show.


JMU: We were at the show last night and it was amazing.

What was your favourite song to perform?

J&E: Ghostbusters! It’s so epic and iconic, the whole show has

everyone on stage and then when me and John come out, we

are like at one with the audience, connecting with them flying over

them in the air like Ghostbusters. The movie Ghostbusters 3 is

coming out so it would be pretty cool if we did the theme tune.


JMU: Can you believe you got to do something like flying

across the audience?

J&E: Some people are scared... like, how are you going to do that?

But we just spin like crazy, it’s kind of funny because the harness

kind of digs into you and it’s kind of sore doing it. It’s so much fun

though. Think how cool it is, you’re so high up and you’re floating

above the audience! It’s an N- Sync ‘Bye Bye Bye’ moment.


JMU: Now we are going to ask some fun questions. What did you

dream about last night?

J&E: Cool! (Edward) I had a really weird dream last night, it was a

relaxed one, you know when you have a dream and it goes from scary to really happy? I thought I was in some kind of space place. (John) I had a realistic dream last night. Sometimes our fans are in our dreams, when you feel like you meet them and then you realise you were just dreaming.


JMU: If one type of food were to be served on Planet Jedward forever what would it be?

J&E: What would it be, John? Lucky Charms? Coco Pops? Sushi? I don’t know, it would have to be something really, really cool. It would have to be something ‘ultimate’. Are we chefs? Maybe it could be something that hovers...


JMU: Are you going to follow in Cheryl Cole’s footsteps and front your own hair campaign?

J&E: I thought you meant ‘are you going to go solo?’ We are going to follow in our footsteps, the Jedward footsteps! Imagine if we were in an ad with Cheryl Cole for L’Oreal. ‘Come on girls, let’s say it...’


JMU: Do you have advice for any Jedward lookalikes about how to maintain their quiffs?

J&E: Well our hair is quiffed right now. Whatever you wear you just have to own it. If you want to wear yellow, wear yellow! Right now we are wearing Freddie Mercury inspired jackets. Some people wear blue tops to bring out their blue eyes, we wear yellow to bring out our hair.


JMU: Do you follow football? And do you support any particular team?

J&E: We like Liverpool, but we don’t really follow football. Or do we??? No comment!


JMU: Which arena are you most looking forward to performing in?

J&E: All arenas are different.  A lot of people look forward to the 02 Arena or Wembley, but I think every arena is special in its own way. Each show is spontaneous and different, like I split my pants at the show in Liverpool and that will be totally unique to the Liverpool show. I think we should take sweets to each venue and throw them out when we fly over the audience. I was afraid my goggles were going to fall off in Ghostbusters, and my shoes were really big.


JMU: And finally, which do you prefer... blondes or brunettes?

J&E: Well, it’s kind of weird because most blondes were originally brunettes, so really you’re all brunettes! I don’t know about blondes or brunettes... what about ginger hair? Like Florence & The Machine?





Jedward talk to JMU Journalism


By Camilla Cole & Sophie Fairclough

Entertainment Reporters

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