The fifth anniversary of John Peel’s last radio broadcast was marked with a music filled tribute to the late Radio1 DJ.


Avid listeners came together at the Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool city centre to remember the new music specialist by selecting songs and sharing stories.


BBC Radio Merseyside’s new music DJ David Monks was there to play the first track of the day and explain how Peel had inspired him.


Monks said: “I had to think what song to play for the first track, I chose Clinic because they are unusual and fit in with the John Peel ethos - they’re a bit obscure and from Liverpool.  They did eight sessions with John and did five festive 50s.”


The tribute day for the DJ who championed bands such as TRex and the White Stripes also raised money for the homeless charity Shelter.


Event organiser Chris Green said: “It’s been quite stressful to organise the event but its been something I’ve wanted to do for a while because he was an important person to me.


“He opened my eyes to a lot of electronic music like Apex Twin and Squarepusher and its all stuff that I still listen to now.”


The day included an acoustic performance of ‘Does this train stop on Merseyside’ by Amsterdam, John’s favourite Liverpool band.


Amsterdam frontman and former JMU student, Ian Prowse said: “We spoke at length on the phone because John loved his music; he liked his music first and then was a DJ second.  Today most DJs seem to be the other way around.


“The song came out after he died so he never got to see it go into the chart which is a shame.  People love that song, I never mind playing it and I never get bored of it.”


Author and ex NME journalist Paul Du Noyer was there to remember the Heswall born DJ and fellow music and Liverpool FC enthusiast.


Du Noyer said:  “He was the last voice I would hear before drifting off to sleep.  Like a lot of bands when they were unknown and nobody wanted to give them the time of day, John was the voice in the media who was supporting them.


“Whenever I met him, being from Liverpool, it was his passion for this place that came through.  All we ever talked about was football, both being based in London, it was a relief to meet another Liverpool FC supporter and music didn’t get a look in I’m afraid."


The Bluecoat is keen to make sure nobody forgets John Peel and want the tribute to become an annual event in Liverpool.

Liverpool remembers John Peel

By Sean Fell, Music Editor

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Amsterdam's Ian Prowse plays one of John's favorite songs; YouTube John on Top Of The Pops

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