I may be accused of being quite argumentative, and naturally I would deny it. Of course, I am always right.


At least that’s what I thought.


So you can imagine how I felt the day our Final Project lecturers, John and Kate, came in and told us we were going to create a massive new website as part of our convergence workshops. Whaaaat... a new website? On top of all the other coursework work we already have? Are they mad? Apparently so.


They tried to sway us with promises that this really was a good thing, a way for us to display all our coursework, something to show potential employers; but I am not that easily swayed. What did they take me for? My Final Project for Online was going to take up too much of my time, I thought, never mind my dissertation. But, as it turned out, I hadn't really been listening properly.


After this bombshell revelation, I left the classroom feeling quite annoyed to say the least and it seemed that I was not alone. So off I set on my rebellion, rallying the troops along the way. If they thought we were going to take this lying down, they were wrong.


The next day I reluctantly went to my Online class as usual,

with my grumpy head on, not looking forward to the next six

hours of listening to how great the website was going to be.


I had already been chosen the previous day to ‘lead’ one

half of the group, which meant that I was fully

prepared to lead them into battle... against the website.


However, after six long hours, I left the news room feeling

slightly different about this whole project, but only slightly

different, mind. John explained the project again in a

huge tutorial session... which he warned us is not a luxury

we can afford in the World of Work. You have to 'get it' fast.


Over the next few days I slowly changed my views, the

more and more I heard about this site, the more I

decided I might just want to get involved. But I have to

say I still wasn’t fully convinced and a very large part of

me just wished that they would let us get on with what

we were supposed to be doing.


As time moved on, and so did the site, the more I saw of it the more I was hooked. Let's be honest now, it does look pretty good doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t I want to be involved? Oh, how times have changed.


Fast forward a week or so and I am sat in a room with the rest of my group and some inspectors who are observing what we are doing at uni… great fun.


As we spoke, and they responded, I felt myself overcome with the urge to defend this beautiful project, if they even dare to challenge it, I will knock them down. Hang on? What’s happened here then? And that was the moment of revelation for me. I was head over heels in love with the whole idea. Who would have thought it?


I have to say I've had a first class journey on what we call 'The Groovy Train' from that point on. There I was, throwing my ideas into the hat, even suggesting things for other people! For the better of the website.


And then came my scary experience posing as a nude model for an art class for a feature, something I never thought I would do in my time at uni. I really think that story goes to show just how much this website has changed me and my attitude to work. I am proud of the way I have turned things around, and I’ve learnt that hard work really does pay off... there is no room for slackers in this world.


We are coming to the end of our time here now and I can honestly say that I will not be forgetting the last four months in a hurry. It’s been a personal rollercoaster ride, and my God it’s been good.


I thought this would be 'extra' coursework... but it isn't. What you are staring at is my Final Project for Online.




Never before have I felt so involved in a university project. In the words of our leader ... Exciting Times : )


Rebellion to revelation: I love convergence

By Katie Heaton, Deputy Website Editor

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Katie took a long, long time to be persuaded to get on The Groovy Train... but she's glad she finally did

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