So, year two. No longer the new kids on the block, but not quite the hardened, cynical veterans we are all aspiring to be in year three.


I’ve so far found this to be an odd position to be in. Without that fresh feeling of rolling into Dean Walters for the first time – which I am sure we all sorely miss, particularly the world-class toast – it’s pretty easy to get very comfortable in the groove of coasting along and going through the motions in our big glass corridor of dreams.


On the journalism scale of things I’ve found it a bit of a stop/start situation to be in this year.


Dipping your feet in TV, radio, print and online with often very little prior knowledge and, possibly just as likely, not much of an inclination to take most of them any further than the three hours a week sat in front of a PC or behind a camera has been challenging, but interesting.


However, it does act as a sideways glance at the industry, and some of the infuriating obstacles ahead.


After making going on 30 calls trying to urge, persuade, and near-beg people for interviews with TV deadlines looming puts fear in my heart for how tough the real thing will be.


Trying to lure reluctant and tight-lipped politicians into the studio with a breaking story hours before going to air now strikes me as like a near-impossible task – but at least BBC News never have to hear that condescending change of tone when you are forced to let slip that you’re only doing coursework.


That said it’s satisfying enough seeing a project or article done, dusted and handed in after a sleepless 72-hour camping trip in the library (even if personal hygiene is less satisfying), so I don’t doubt seeing it beamed to millions or printed thousands of times to be sent around the world is on another level.



The big glass corridor of dreams

By Danny Masters, Special Events Correspondent

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The big glass corridor of dreams, the Innovation Centre, Edge Lane

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