You know you are in your final year, and you know you need to get your head down and work hard and yet your mind is constantly wandering, asking a million questions: where will I be this time next year, will I have my dream job, or will I still be working in a fish and chip shop, unable to become what I want to be?


Balancing essays with working in the chippy (we say "fish shop" in Bradford) is something I’ve had to learn to get used to over the past three years, but now with the dissertation due, it's becoming an even harder task. Plus, my duties as the Blog and Alumni Editor on this website during the launch period are giving me non-stop WOW Factor at the moment... but I'm loving it.


I was told I got the job for my attitude and hard work during the World Firefighters Games 08. One night, I got trapped in a lift at the event HQ, the Echo Arena, for an hour and a half... while the maintenance man made his way over from Manchester! I was stuck in there with a cleaner, but still offered him the chance to buy one of our souvenir DVDs of the Games. I think he was keen, but didn't have any cash on him.


It’s been a mad three years. We’ve moved out of the city centre, we’ve lost and gained staff members, friends and even the famous sausage bap lady from the entrance of our old building in Dean Walters, but we have survived it: the essays, the stories and even the dreaded vox pop. We’re like one big happy family... but we are soon to be divorced and replaced with a younger model, but we don’t mind because we’re all sick of being skint now anyway.


There have been highs and lows and laughs a plenty, but for now though the laughing is on hold. There are only three words on everybody’s lips: dissertation, dissertation and dissertation. We’re all at it; the library is full of people who did not heed the warnings of starting early and getting ahead.


So as you wade your way through the endless hours in the library, trying to convince yourself that you are doing work, even if all you’ve achieved so far is to update your status to Nick is in the library – bored, you know it will all be worth while when you shake Brian May's hand.


Not simply because those fingers have strummed up some of the most incredible tunes of all time, but because when he passes you that scroll, he passes you the keys to your future and who knows where you will end up?


Want salt & vinegar with your dissertation?

By Nick Egan, Blog & Alumni Editor

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Nick has been laying down some tracks as a street rapper just in case journalism doesn't work out

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