Anyone would think it was the middle of December right now, but we have only just got Bonfire Night out of the way.


What I’m talking about is the arrival of Christmas. The adverts, the shop windows, the Christmas gift guides, it’s all coming too soon. We've even had Ricky Tomlinson filming a Christmas single in Liverpool this week.


I’m no scrooge, I love Christmas, just not right now and not this early. There are so many things to do before then, like coursework, stories and presentations. It just leaves me panicking and screaming at the TV when the DFS sofa advert comes on singing ‘'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.


There’s people arranging Christmas parties and meals, which is fair enough as these things take time but then you get other people who have done their Christmas shopping and are now on with writing their Christmas cards. Organised or what?


Maybe I’m just jealous that I haven’t sorted myself out and done some Christmas shopping but I don’t think so. Personally I like to save it till the last minute and run around with all the other unorganised people in a frantic dash in the last few days before Christmas... it’s much more fun.


Some people have the idea that Christmas only really starts when they see the classic Coca Cola Christmas advert, which luckily I haven’t seen yet but I’m guessing it will make its first appearance on telly pretty soon.


December 1st, that’s when I’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit and will actually get excited at the Christmas adverts on TV rather than being annoyed by them. During my three years at uni, my flatmate has always shared the notion that Christmas should only begin in December. This year will be no exception; we will decorate our rooms, drink mulled wine and eat mince pies (with cheese!) on December 1st and not a day before.

Is it just me or is Christmas here already?

By Amy Swift, News Editor

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Christmas gifts under the tree; YouTube: Classic Coca Cola Christmas advert

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